Introducing the NYAK Massage Tool

The NYAK acupressure cervical spine massage tool alleviates the deepest tension rooted in the base of the skull caused by poor posture from phone usage.

Alleviate Tension

Let The Pain Melt Away

The Nyak works out the knots and tension built up from all the hours spent focused on your phones and computers.  


Relieve Hours of Strain from Screens


The NYAK releases tension in my neck that I didn't even know was there. Wonderful for travel or after a long day working in the garden. 

Sharyl Brooks

I had been struggling with jaw pain for 8 months and was never able to find consistent relief. After using the NYAK I was finally able to open my jaw all the way and get back my range of motion.

Nicole Janson

I was dealing with constant tension headaches, that lasted for over two years. I had tried everything; from dry needling to massage, and even bought a new mattress. The NYAK is the only tool that helped alleviate the pain at the base of my neck and final get some lasting relief.  

Alex Artino - Founder